Natural water features, also known as Koi Ponds and Water Gardens, are a great alternative water feature for any property.

This week we will outline a few water features built to accommodate those who are looking for a change in their aquatic lifestyle and still get their water-filled fix.

Effective Koi Pond Maintenance 

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Water gardens and koi ponds are very similar. Both are built to accommodate a “natural” ecosystem, yet both can be filtered differently based on the amount of wildlife within the pond. These water features are primarily green and have stained walls, yet when filtered appropriately can still have clear water. When built by a professional koi pond company these can hold fish and the fish waste will act as a nutrient for the plants or garden growing on the water.

Pondless Waterfalls 

Pondless Waterfall Construction Orange County

These can be run natural or sterile as they typically need little to no recurring maintenance. These are pond-less waterfalls, the water-to-basin size is built enough to never have a basin to collect water, and the water will recirculate endlessly through the rocks/ gravel till it reaches the top of the water fall and the process continues. Stay tuned for a video on how to build a pondless waterfall.


Koi Pond Plumbing & Filtration

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Koi Ponds are plumbed a little differently than that of a pool or spa. The filtration media is swapped out with gravel in replacement of sand. Ultra-violet lights help to sterilize any bacteria and clients usually gain better water clarity due to this. Pool heaters and salt water generators and not needed, yet we typically see the variable speed pool pumps incorporated into koi ponds and larger waterfalls requiring horsepower. On small koi ponds we see what we call a submersible pump with a filter mesh box, these are not as effective as retro-fitted pool filters, but do work well enough for some water features. For effective koi pond maintenance we always suggest retrofitting a pool filter to work with your pond plumbing.…

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