Is Your Koi Pond Leaking? Could be your liner or plumbing!


Nature is brought alive by water; the scent of fresh rain, the sound of gentle waterfalls, the touch of their spray, the taste of morning dew, the sight of clear reflections. Delight your senses by introducing a beautifully designed koi pond with decorative water features, fountains and waterfalls into your garden. But it doesn’t happen by accident.

People don’t realise that successful water features can be a challenge to build and maintain. The construction of your pond will affect everything from its maintenance to your overall property value, so it is important to get it right first time. Whether you use cement or rubber liners is up to you, but let our koi pond construction experts advise you.

Cement Koi Pond Construction or Rubber Koi Pond Construction – That is the Question

Cement lined ponds are designed to be permanent and can last a lifetime. If you have no plans to change your rebuild your koi pond or water garden garden, they represent value for your money and are well-worth keeping, not to mention, koi ponds relatively easy to clean and maintain. Although they are expensive to fix. When a pond or natural water feature is installed properly, as part of an overall landscape design, they can truly add value to your property.

Rubber lined ponds are easier and cheaper to build which is why they are popular with DIY enthusiasts. The water hides the folds and they have an inherent flexibility if you wish to change the design of your garden later.  But they can be harder to incorporate into a landscape because edgings extend down into the water to cover the lining. Cleaning can be an issue and although it takes a lot to damage the lining, leaks can occur. The rubber will not last forever and can be unpatcheable after 10 years.

Regardless of lining, you will have to install pumps for filters, fountains, waterfalls, or other water features. If you want water incorporated into your environment, the sound of trickling and splashing is part of the overall effect. The movement of water will also prevent stagnation and benefit the health of plants and fish.

Questions to consider in Koi Pond Construction

Be prepared. Our koi pond construction experts will ask you what you want to achieve before they start the pond design process. They will ask you questions about introducing aquatic life into the water feature. You may want to consider what plants you like, what type and how many fish you county pond maintenance

Consider your landscape.  Finding the right location for your koi pond is essential. You might want it located near your terrace so you can see the wildlife it attracts. Careful landscape design will ensure problems are kept to a minimum. For instance, appropriate drainage, overhanging trees, indirect or direct sunlight.

Size matters! We will measure out the maximum size and depth for your requirements. People always build too small a pond and regret it later which can be an issue if it is a concrete lined pond. The other issue is depth. In colder regions you will need to consider the plants and fish and make it deeper should the water freeze.

Natural water features, also known as Koi Ponds and Water Gardens, are a great alternative water feature for any property.

This week we will outline a few water features built to accommodate those who are looking for a change in their aquatic lifestyle and still get their water-filled fix.




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