What is ADA Access & Why do I need an ADA Compliance Consultant?

What is ADA Access? Often also referred to as “Disability Access” or “Handicap Access” by others, ADA Access is short for Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA) which was passed in 1990. The main purpose of ADA Access is to require commercial facilities as well as public accommodations to become accessible to individuals with disabilities. “Disability Access Inspection” is when a commercial property hires a professional CASp company to inspect the commercial property for lack of ADA Compliance before they are taken to court for lack disability access to the general public.

Is your Commercial Property Safe from an ADA Compliance Lawsuit?

Many commercial property owners throughout the nation are experiencing similar lawsuits related to the Americans with Disability Act and lack of ADA Access to their property. Sadly many scammers are now targeting local restaurants, retail shopping centers, hotels, and more areas required to have access for any people disabilities. If the person is handicapped, and does not have access readily available to accommodate their wheelchair, lacks handicap placards, handrails not within reach etc, they can be sued for each barrier to those wheelchair bound, or other handicap individuals.

How can I stop someone from suing my Business of lack of ADA Compliance?

Hiring a professional ADA Compliance Consulting service to review your property for lack of handicap access is the first step any future business owner should take before acquiring a property or opening to the public. Starting with your parking-lot / entry to your property, is where your ADA consulting service should start reviewing your property for handicap liability issues. Failing to do so can result in up to $4,000 per lack of access and many companies are not aware of the laws until they are getting sued or contacted by an attorney. Here’s an example of people cashing in on ADA compliance lawsuits. Business owners across the country are suffering from such extortionists.

What area of properties do most ADA lawsuits arise?

Like we mentioned earlier, most ADA lawsuits begin at your front door. We often receive emails from handicap individuals who frequent an establishment and become irritated with the lack of disability access starting in these places and why –

  • Parking Lot Disability Access – Lack of handicap placards, parking-lines, un-even pavement etc.
  • Wheelchair Ramps/ Stairs – Lack of wheelchair ramps, handrails for the ramps being too high/ far away, un-even concrete.
  • Doorway – Doors being too heavy to open, inaccessible for wheelchairs/ walkers, etc.
  • Bathrooms – Bathrooms not large enough to accommodate wheelchairs/ walkers, etc.

These are the most obvious areas most businesses we speak to are at risk for ADA compliance issues with. Often businesses are dodging these lawsuits daily and not knowing the extent and cost they are facing when taken to court. Most lawsuits are settled out of court to avoid the costly fees and almost always require some sort of construction as most businesses are out-dated and should be up to code for ADA compliance per the local government requirements.

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